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Real Real Bad
We met at the bar, I bought her a drink
She gave me a nod, I gave her a wink
She showed me a smile, I showed all my charm
Then she walked out on another man's arm
I felt bad
Real bad
Real real bad

I went walkin' by her house
And I saw her bedroom light go out
The shades were drawn, but the window was open
So I heard all that fumblin' and moanin'
And I felt bad
Real bad
Real real bad

There's always somethin' keeps me tumblin'
Down the hill
Keep fallin' down but there ain't no crown
And there sure as hell ain't no Jill

I counted my change, I borrowed some bills
Went down to the corner, got my prescription filled
I emptied some bottles, drowned out my sorrows
But when tonight turned into the light of tomorrow
I felt bad
Real bad
Real real bad
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Appears on:
Music:Corey Rickards
Lyrics:Corey Rickards
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