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Sanity Is Fiction
It's never too late for the first time
If the last time is still out of reach
No one will be there to remind
If you haven't learned what you teach

The future is yours to believe in
If the past is uncomfortably near
Now is no time for grievin''
For now will forever be here

My back to the sunshine
I'm finished the game that she plays
She pulls up the rain
To fly above pain
But always to fall down again

You can always confide in addiction
It's the root of the rush that remains
But if you paint fact over fiction
The sweet song of sanity strains

Oh paleface believe me
When I called your name in the dark
Only the eyes
Who share your black skies
Opened to give their replies
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Appears on:
Music:Corey Rickards, Eric Wallinger
Lyrics:Corey Rickards
© 1998 Moonlit Music
  all songs © 2024 Gone Hombres